It's a taupey sensation: the Joey Healey Luxe Brow Powder

Early this year I cut off all my dyed hair and stuck to my natural, brown-black one. Since then, I realized that most of my eyebrow makeup only just barely look decent on me since most of them have a reddish or blonde tint. Well, I had dyed hair for the last three or four years so that's only to be exepected!

If you tend to mismatch your hair and eyebrows, just, don't. Reddish brows look weird with hair that doesn't have any red in it. Likewise, ashy brows look off if your hair is dyed a completely different color. I think that getting great brows isn't just about learning how to shape and fill them in; it's also finding the right shade for your skin and hair color.

I do fall off the wagon every now and then because I have to review some products, but thank goodness that the Joey Healey Luxe Brow Powder in Corduroy (P1,472 from Luxola) kept me on track. Joey Healey is an eyebrow stylist based in New York. His eponymous brand is, of course, all about creating the perfect eyebrows! His Luxe Brow Powder is a stiff-texture powder that has a soft, natural finish. It can be intensified as needed, but it is meant to be built up in layers.

It also wears well during the day as it barely fades. The formula can be used wet or dry according to your preference.

Yes, it's quite expensive for an eyebrow powder, although you do get four grams of product. This will take you years to finish even if you use it everyday - it's almost as much as a powder blush! I would understand if you get stuck on the price. I mean, if you're not a makeup artist you really wouldn't need this much brow powder in one go.

Corduroy looks like a pale grey in the pan. Once it's on the brows though, it matches my hair perfectly. It's an ashy brown, more like taupe with zero red in it.

Love my natural brows here! I'm happy to discover Joey Healey over at Luxola, but I would honestly not have purchased it for myself if I didn't get it for review purposes. There are a lot of amazing eyebrow products out there for much less, y'know? If you're liking this one though, you must get it using the code LX-LIZ to get 25% off storewide at Luxola. Yes, storewide! Am not sure yet how long this code is valid for, but do use it as soon as you get the chance. ^_^