Freshlook Colorblend Contact Lenses in Green

I know I told you guys that I'm done with colored contacts, but Freshlook sent me a couple of boxes and I just wanted to try them out! I got one in Green. It's absolutely gorgeous and as far as I'm concerned, natural-looking!


I like that the Freshlook Colorblends doesn't make my eyes look glassy or disturbingly large. With it, my eyes are the same size, but just loads more interesting with a ring of brown and flecks of green around it. It's so pretty! Now I kinda remember what made colored contacts such a staple in my beauty routine.


For changing the color of your eyes is much like changing your lipstick. It gives you a new personality, and enhances your coloring as well as the rest of the makeup you chose to wear for the day. Will I go back to wearing these all the time, though? Hmm, maybe once in a while, but not regularly like before. It's fun for events and such but I'm happy with the normal color of my eyes on a daily basis.

Anyway, if you're interested in a new eye color, do try the Freshlook Colorblends. ^_^ I love their soft contacts and how they never irritate my eyes. Plus they have graded lenses! I'm wearing one in a very high grade actually - zero issues, even if they're not adjusted for astigmatism. I believe Freshlook is available in major optical stores.

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