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Freshlook Illuminate Dailies in Rich Brown

Why contact lenses are awesome: one, you can watch 3D movies with ease. It's totes not rad to wear 3D glasses with real glasses. Two, they make makeup application easier! I don't have to smoosh my face to the mirror to see where that wiggly eyeliner is going. Three, SUNGLASSES. Another impossibility when one is wearing prescription eyewear, but not with contacts!

I've only been wearing contact lenses for three years. I haven't really explored other brands beyond what I use, so it's a nice change for me to try out these Freshlook Illuminate Dailies (P650/ box of five pairs and P1,200 per 30-day pairs).

I love this stuff. They feel utterly comfortable and cool on my eyes. The Illuminate variant makes the eyes look brighter and bigger without actually giving away the jig; even though there's a brownish ring around the eyes, it's barely detectable. This is great if you want to have bigger peepers without anyone the wiser!

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Colored and Graded

I've received a lot of inquiries from readers about the contact lenses that I use. If you've seen any of my FOTDs, you'd have noticed the nice greenish tint of my eyes! I used to wear only clear lenses but I found that boring. Besides, colored contact lenses can be worn for up to three months, whereas most clear lenses are only good for a month. I'm waaay too lazy to visit the optical store every month so colored lenses are a more practical option.

So! I bought these contact lenses at Executive Optical. They're called Flexwear Colors and are surprisingly cheap at only P650 a pair. Did I say they were graded, too? They're really affordable. I used to buy my clear contact lenses at Sarabia, but they cost around P600 for a pair. At EO, the clear lenses are only P200 (I think).

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