Under 500 Lipstick Week: Avon Over Nature Lipstick

What's the most you would pay for a lipstick? Honestly, I very rarely buy lipsticks, but sometimes there's an irresistible color that I have got to have. It's usually expensive because there is nothing quite like it from more affordable brands. That said, the priciest lipstick I've personally purchased is a Chanel one that's P1,650.

Was it worth it? Well, I love the color and it still remains unique in my collection, but it wasn't the best formula I've ever come across. I do feel fancy just knowing that I have it and I can afford it. Isn't that what it comes down to, that feeling of personal triumph when you get what you want but don't need?

Removing that factor aside, however, there are a lot of excellent lipsticks that won't gut your wallet like it was walking in a dark alley in the nasty side of town. :P I present to you my Under 500 Lipstick Week, where I'll be talking about my new affordable finds! I'm going to start with the Avon Ultra Color Rich Over Nature Lipstick (P259 intro price and P399 regular price), one of the newest collections from the brand.

group shot

I suppose a lot of people would buy this because of the gorgeous cardboard packaging, but I'm sure they won't be disappointed with the formula. It's an old one - the Ultra Color Rich, which I have already reviewed - but I feel that this is an improved version of the UCR. It's less streaky and it somehow feels less wet than the old formula. It sticks to my lips better, therefore staying on a bit longer (around 3.5-4 hours).

Pigmentation of the bright colors are pretty good. I only need two layers to get a bright, opaque layer! The texture of the lipstick is also smooth and creamy. It's moisturizing enough for me that I don't need to use a lip balm, but if you have dry chapped lips then you know the SOP. Scrub first then prime them with balm!

Group 2

Oh, the scent of the Over Nature also deserves a whole paragraph lol. It smells very much like Guerlain lipsticks, I swear. Guerlain's trademark scent involves orchids, and seeing that the Over Nature collection is keen on orchids, I suppose they copped the scent. I don't mind. I like it. In any case, the scent disappears after a couple of minutes, unlike the pricier Guerlain lippies.

Now here are my lip swatches and color notes! All lippies have a creamy satin finish and have no obvious shimmer except for Tender Tulip and African Daisy.


Wild Rose is a warm bright tomato red. It should flatter most skin tones.


I expected Cherry Berry to be a lot browner and darker looking at the tube, but when worn it's a dark cherry red. Love the vampiness! It's a dramatic shade that would look great for evenings out. If you want to wear it during the day, it would be chic with just mascara and eyebrow makeup. 


Extatique Hibiscus is a hot mid-toned pink. Very eye-catching, and like Wild Rose should work across most skin tones.


Tropical Coral is a bright coral orange hue. It's a fun choice if you're looking for a color that looks more orange than red. It's a picky shade, I think, so make sure to swatch it personally before deciding if it works on your skin tone.

group 3.jpg


Tender Tulip is a lovely, sliiiightly froste lavender pink. It should look best on cooler skin tones, but I find it looks great on my warm medium skin as well. 


I love Pink Lily - so pretty! It's a light coral pink with a bit of white in it. I enjoy wearing colors like this.


I think that Orchid Fantasy is in everyone's wish list because it looks like an intriguing dark purple in the tube. Like, Lorde purple. I'm sorry to say it's not. When worn, it registers as a berry fuchsia, which is lovely enough in its own right. It's definitely a more wearable color than purple so it's still worth considering!


African Daisy is a frosty peachy nude shade. It actually looks a lot better in person! The frostiness is not over-the-top so it doesn't look dated at all. This is an interesting choice with dark eye makeup and fair to medium light skin.


Overall, I highly recommend you nab a few shades from the Avon Over Nature Lipstick collection because of the gorgeous shades, striking packaging, and improved formula. It's a great buy for P259!

Some girls mentioned in my sneak peek that Avon keeps coming out with the same shades in each collection. I'm not going to disagree - these are very similar shades to the old collections. But I think that if you've missed those limited edition pieces and would like something like it in a prettier case then the Over Nature is worth checking out. It really depends on what you already have or don't have in your kit.

Soooo let me know what you think! Which are your fave shades here? I'm smitten with Cherry Berry (duh? Haha), Pink Lily, and Orchid Fantasy!