Horrible Hair Cut #2

I'm on a roll this year! Here's an even worse hair cut than the one I showed you last February. Lol. I had it done at Basement Salon in SM Aura, by a Korean Senior Hairstylist. I don't blame her at all - it's my fault for agreeing to a short hair cut and having an unreasonable expectation of any salon that's not my Holy Grail salon.

I went to Basement because I was curious (they're new in my neighborhood mall) and they're less expensive than JuRo. That's not to say that the hair cut was cheap at P1,400, but it's definitely a lot less than the P7,000 Jude charges. 

My hair stylist was super nice so I'm not going to give her a bad rap. I think that my hair and face shape are just both difficult to flatter, so here we have another sad mop on top of my head. Well. It will grow out. I'm not going to freak out. At least my makeup is fabulous, yes?

I'm seriously considering a wig while I grow out my hair. Would you know of any good places to buy not-so-fake-looking hair pieces? Preferably something that won't cost over P3,000. I've done some quick canvassing and natural hair wigs can go for over P8,000. 

My other option is to have my hair fixed by Jude. I wish I just went to him and stopped experimenting, but ah, too late. I'll wait for my hair to grow a little longer before I pay him a visit, I think.

So there. Sorry for dumping my hair tragedy on you. Dump yours on me! What was your worst hair cut ever?