Koji Line Beat Eyeliner in Rich Black

These past few months I've mostly been using pencil eyeliners. It's just that they register blacker than any liquid eyeliner I've tried so far, plus they're typically matte, which makes the eyes look more intense versus a glossy finish that reflects the light. Pencil eyeliner is also more forgiving when I make a mistake. With liquid, once I draw a wayward line, I either have to thicken it up or erase it completely. It just takes too much time!


Buuuut there are a few new exciting liquid liners that are available in drugstores. One of them is the Koji Line Beat Eyeliner in Rich Black (P700), a pigmented eyeliner that does not fade or smudge on me. It's just like K-Palette, my HG liner, except that it's completely black and solid in just two layers.


The tip is perfectly shaped and is supposed to be only .1mm thick. Can't validate that, but I can say that it applies the line precisely and neatly. I do get skips when I work too fast so I try to take it slow to minimize mistakes.

I also like the packaging, which has a leopard print and a bit of heft. It doesn't feel flimsy at all! It's quite fancy for a drugstore eyeliner.


Staying power is impressive. I've worn this for 8 hours and it has not smudged or faded one bit. It's very water-resistant although certainly not water proof. This washes off with soap and water, or can be wiped away with a water-based makeup remover. How convenient!


See how smooth the eyeliner goes on <3 It's a solid black!

Downsides - the formula can feel a little thick. When it sets, it hardens, so my upper lids feel stiff when I open and close them. I suppose this is the trade-off for having such pigmentation. I also dislike that this has a shiny finish - again, I prefer matte eyeliners now.


Nonetheless, I enjoy using the Koji Line Beat Eyeliner in Rich Black and feel that it will be one of my most reliable liquid liners ever. ^_^ The Japanese really know how to do eye makeup right!

Tell me: do you prefer pencil or liquid eyeliners? Have you tried Koji?

Koji cosmetics are available in the following locations: SM Department Stores / Watsons / Retail Lab - Rockwell / Yhansy - Shangri-La / Suesh - Megamall. Glorietta. Market - Market. Wilson. Alabang / Crossings - Trinoma. Quezon Ave. Edsa. Glorietta / Purebeauty - Glorietta. Trinoma. Alabang Town Center. Serendra. Subic / Landmark - Trinoma. Makati