Avon Color Corrector Cream SPF50 PA+++

Today might be the hottest, if not the hottest, day this summer according to the news. Being forewarned, I'm not going to even try to leave my air-conditioned bedroom! It's just too much! It's like moonwalking in hot soup whenever I go out! Even the faucets dispense lukewarm water for a few seconds.

But of course, work and the beauty blog must go on. Today I want to share an exciting find from an affordable brand: the Avon Color Corrector Cream SPF50 PA+++ (P399). This is waaay nicer than I thought it'd be, being quite similar to the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance in texture and effect. The main difference though would be that Avon has superb sun protection and is a lot less shimmery compared to the LM primer!


This Avon SkinGoodness CC cream melts on skin beautifully, brightening the surface without actually showing any shimmer. It barely has any coverage and has a dewy finish. I'd like to think of it more as a hydrating primer-slash-sunscreen, instead of a tinted base.


There are only two shades available for this CC cream: Light and Nude. The one I have here is Light. It looks natural on my yellow-medium skin tone even when I use a generous amount.


I love how lightweight and non-sticky it feels on my skin - a must in this heat! I wore this on a five-hour drive back to Manila and I didn't look hulas afterwards. ^_^ Since I have fairly good skin at the moment, I skip concealer and go straight ahead to setting it with translucent powder.


I look a bit pale in the after picture but that's mostly due to the setting powder I used

Staying power is just ok at 4-5 hours. It didn't make me any oilier than I usually get, but I wasn't less oily either. It's really more of a brightening, colour-correcting solution than a foundation primer.

What don't I like...IT'S ONLY 18 GRAMS. I mean, what? Who sells a base that's only 18 freakin' grams? The standard is 30 grams / ml at least, whether in drugstore or high end brands! I've used this Avon CC cream a grand total of three times and I ~think~ I'm halfway through the bottle already. I use a generous amount because I want to get the full sun protection factor - what's the point otherwise? Such a bummer.


Otherwise, Avon Color Corrector Cream SPF50 PA+++ is the perfect summer base due to the sheer brightening finish, lightweight feel, and excellent sun protection without the weird sunscreen scent or texture. It's so good, apparently, that Avon couldn't give more than 18 grams for P399, making this rather expensive CC cream. Ah well. One can't have everything I suppose!

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