You're invited: The Project Vanity x Burt's Bees Beauty Q&A

We know the basics of skincare - facial wash, toner, and moisturizer - but how do you maximize these products? What's the correct order if you also use serum and eye cream? How do you know when your new skincare is breaking you out? These are some of the more common questions I get when it comes to caring for your skin, and I'd love to answer it for you in person!

Burt's Bees

You're all invited to come to my workshop at Burt's Bees inside Beauty Bar, Glorietta, on May 24, 4pm. I'll be talking about some of my personal skincare lessons and insights I've gained from working in the beauty industry!

The first ten sign ups will receive a special gift from Burt's Bees - since my comments section is a bit whacked at the moment, please just email me at lizlanuzo [at] to confirm your attendance. Before confirming, kindly make sure that you can make it 100% as it would be sad to take away the slot from another interested participant. ;)

Of course, everyone is still welcome to come even though they aren't in the list! The list is just really so we know who to give the gifts to. You're definitely welcome to come by, chat, and participate. ^_^

Alrighty, see you on Saturday! Excited!