New look, fresh start

Hey all. I'm happy to announce the new look of! I think it's been a couple of years (maybe even more?) since my last template refresh. More than changing the template though, I've also moved to a new and improved blogging platform. ^_^ 

new project vanity design

What that means is that PV is now mobile friendly - it will load faster if you're on your tablet or phone! It will also now be easier for me to integrate my social media platforms and other interests. I'm still ironing out the kinks but this is pretty much the final look.

What do you think? Are there other features you want to see here? Sound off in the comments! I put a lot of hours into this haha. #needy


PS The comments function is not working the moment but I've already reported the problem. Please check back in a few hours to leave your message! Thanks for your patience. <3