Hot from MAC: The Playland Collection + a quick review of the Sweet Experience Lipstick

I was out of town last weekend so I missed the uber colourful MAC Playland launch last Friday. Bawl. Thankfully though, MAC sent me an early preview of the collection in the form of the Sweet Experience Amplified Creme Lipstick (P1,000), which I will be showing you later. For now, check out this complete guide on Playland - what to find, descriptions, and how much!

Happy Go Lucky, a hot pink, sounds fabulous no? ^_^ I love how bold and whimsical Playland is. It's a beautiful, modernized play on pastel nostalgia and bright flashes of color.

So. Let's get to Sweet Experience. I love the idea of the shade, it's like cotton candy fresh off the cart - feathery, light, and so dainty you'll feel timid to touch it. The formula is pretty good too, with great opacity and decent staying power for an amplified creme. 


However, it's honestly too light for medium-going-on-dark skin tones as an everyday lippie. It's something Nicki Minaj will wear for sure, but if you're not planning to rock that look any time soon then this isn't the color for you.


Sweet Experience has a strong white base which allows the pink to pop out, but the pink is definitely pastel. It's lovey, something to wear on a fashion shoot or a party perhaps, but it's not normally flattering on my skin tone. I will experiment with layering this as it's a great color to mix with darker shades.


To sum up, Sweet Experience is a pretty shade with a solid formula, but it would look great a daily lipstick only if you're very fair. If you're not, do check out the bold shades from the Playland collection! Happy Go Lucky, Toying Around, and Red Balloon all look good. ;) 

Do you plan to grab anything from Playland? How do you like the concept?