Tokyo Haul: Part 2!

I'm baaaaaack. I was in Tokyo for six days but by the fourth day I couldn't wait to go home. Home is where everything and everyone I love is! While Tokyo is a beautiful and dazzling place I would honestly still choose to live in Manila. It's more fun here. Infuriating sometimes, but fun at the end of the day.

Somewhere in Ginza

Let me explain. Tokyo is a stiff, semi-formal place where most things are regimented. It's mostly different shades of grey - grey buildings, houses, roads, except for spots of greenery and neon-lit districts. It's great the first few days but then you'll realize how drab it is when you're not hanging out in a touristy place or out on a weekend.

I'm not saying it's not worth visiting again and again. It is. But I'd prefer it in only small doses, not the medium gulp I just did! I want to see it in winter next time. 

Anyway, here's the rest of my haul! I managed to get a few interesting beauty stuff and oh, I finally found a great watercolor palette! 


I grabbed these at HAC in Ginza. The store was on the basement of this building (can't remember the name, I'll update it after I check my pictures). Anyway, it sold snacks and lots of beauty products! It's much more organized and pleasant than Donki lol. Plus, it has European brands like Rimmel and Bourjois.

I got a Shiseido Integrate Gracy concealer (which was cheap as it's a drugstore brand), Rimmel Nude In The Box Palette, Bourjois CC Cream, and Hada Labo moisturizer.


I'm so glad I got this Rimmel palette! A quick google revealed that this seems to be only available in Japan (kindly correct me if I'm wrong!). The swatches looked awesome, plus it was only JPY1,200 or less than P600. How cool is that? Can't wait to use it!


And we're back to drawing/painting stuff. :P I picked these up at Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku. I finally got a reasonably priced hake brush for my watercolors, another set of calligraphy nibs, Copic pens, and Pilot pens.


Here's my second favorite find in Tokyo so far - Holbein Cake Colors! This set of 24 transparent watercolors are ingeniously packed in an ultra light case. I'll post swatches of this on Instagram some time.


Colors <3


Last but not the least, I got my second set of Marvey Le Plume Markers. This is the skin-toned set, perfect for coloring neutral drawings. The first set I got had vibrant colors so this should be a great companion. Le Plume is also less expensive than Copic markers but seem to have good quality!



So there you go. ^_^ I'll post some more Tokyo pics over the weekend, so please stay tuned for that!