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Tokyo Haul: Part 2!

I'm baaaaaack. I was in Tokyo for six days but by the fourth day I couldn't wait to go home. Home is where everything and everyone I love is! While Tokyo is a beautiful and dazzling place I would honestly still choose to live in Manila. It's more fun here. Infuriating sometimes, but fun at the end of the day.

Somewhere in Ginza

Let me explain. Tokyo is a stiff, semi-formal place where most things are regimented. It's mostly different shades of grey - grey buildings, houses, roads, except for spots of greenery and neon-lit districts. It's great the first few days but then you'll realize how drab it is when you're not hanging out in a touristy place or out on a weekend.

I'm not saying it's not worth visiting again and again. It is. But I'd prefer it in only small doses, not the medium gulp I just did! I want to see it in winter next time. 

Anyway, here's the rest of my haul! I managed to get a few interesting beauty stuff and oh, I finally found a great watercolor palette! 


I grabbed these at HAC in Ginza. The store was on the basement of this building (can't remember the name, I'll update it after I check my pictures). Anyway, it sold snacks and lots of beauty products! It's much more organized and pleasant than Donki lol. Plus, it has European brands like Rimmel and Bourjois.

I got a Shiseido Integrate Gracy concealer (which was cheap as it's a drugstore brand), Rimmel Nude In The Box Palette, Bourjois CC Cream, and Hada Labo moisturizer.


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