The Face Shop Style My Eyebrow Pencil

Confession: last night, I spent seven hours watching a Korean show called "My Love From Another Star". It tells the story of a 400-year old extra-terrestrial man and a haughty actress set in the present. The story is good, and it's pretty funny when it needs to be! Love the characters, the wardrobe, and the makeup. You've gotta watch it if you have about 21 hours of your life to kill! One episode is like 60 minutes!

my love from another star

I don't have a lot of extra time lately but y'all know what I'm going to do this weekend. Watch it here if you're interested. ;) Do let me know how you like it, especially if you've already seen it. Thanks for the heads up Bea!


Anyway, since Korean makeup heavily figures in my mind today I thought I'd show you The Face Shop Style My Eyebrow Pencil (~P200). Koreans love their brows slightly thicker but at the same time utra light - no harsh lines must be seen, and the shading must look completely natural. This TFS pencil does the job!


It has a soft texture which makes it easy to shade and blend on top of eyebrow hair. It looks super soft when properly blended! It's a bit more pigmented than I'd prefer in a brow pencil, but as long as you use a light hand you'll be fine.

I can't name the exact shade I got since it's not stamped on the pencil (boo) but it's a blonde brown color that, if I remember correctly, is the middle shade out of the three available ones. It's a tad light for my natural hair but I love how it looks anyway.


Pencil in, blend, and go

I like this pencil because it's quick to use and really easy to work with. However, it can look patchy when applied in a rush, so take your time. It also has a tendency to fade after four or five hours, which is a rare problem for me when it comes to eyebrow pencils.


This goes well with The Face Shop Color My Eye Brow in 02 Light Brown - that is, if you prefer lighter, slightly blonder brows. I do sometimes so I use them together. But when I want brows that match my hair, this isn't my first choice as the mascara is too light for me. I usually just stick with the pencil.

Overall, I recommend The Face Shop Style My Eyebrow Pencil to anyone who's looking for a good pencil at an affordable price. It's soft, easy to apply and blend, and gives Korean actress-worthy eyebrows. Great buy at roughly P200 at any TFS store! If you have very oily brows though you might want to set this with a mascara, just to keep it from slipping away.

Have you guys tried this yet? How is it?