Canmake Tokyo cosmetics, now in Manila

This might be old-ish news to you if you're an avid follower of beauty news but - yay! Canmake Tokyo, one of the top drugstore brands in Japan, is finally here in the Philippines. They've had an online counter over at Glamourbox for a few months now, but it's only recently that they set up a brick and mortar location in Glorietta 2, inside Somera.

When I went to Tokyo and Hong Kong last year, every beauty drug store I visited had Canmake. It's impossible to miss: the bright pink logo and collaterals, the cute little princess-themed makeup. And the price! It's very affordable. I'm happy to report that the prices here are almost the same as abroad, with the product selling for as low as P390 and at most, P680 (for the BB cream/bases). 

I received a few Spring products when the brand held its official launch in Makati Shangri-La so stay tuned for reviews in a couple of weeks or so. ;) Off the bat though, I'm really liking the cute Cheek Brush, Glow Fleur Cheeks Blush, and Candy Wrap Lip (it's quite pigmented). They look like toys but the quality is there, and for not a lot of money too.

These will be out next month btw!

Highlight Brush, Candy Wrap Lip Gloss, Lash Care Essence, Cheek Brush, Glow Fleur Cheeks

So there you have it. Do visit Canmake inside Somera, Greenbelt 2, to get your Japanese drugstore beauty fix. You can also follow them over on Facebook. Let me know what you've tried, and if you liked it!