MAC Week: Zoom Waterfast Lash

MAC isn't particularly famous for their mascara selections, I'll give you that. I've tried two from the brand and liked them well enough, but they're not the OMG-you-gotta-have-it-now kind, you know? Still, I thought it'd be nice to give you an idea on what to expect from a MAC mascara. I have here the Zoom Waterfast Lash (P1,000+), a water-resistant formula that promises to lengthen and volumize lashes beautifully.

I like it. The wand is small and slender at the tip so it gets on my upper and lower lashes easily. The formula is easy to build up, so much that in two coats I can achieve a thick fringe that could pass off as falsies. It's quite black and intense! It barely smudged on me, but I just have to use an oil-based makeup remover to take it off.

Side view - look how thick the lashes on my left eye are!

Closed eye shot

Hmm, what don't I like. My lashes look and feel stiff with it on, but thankfully they didn't feel dried up when I washed off the makeup. Also if I don't watch it, my lashes end up spidery and clumpy after a couple of layers. 

Otherwise, the MAC Zoom Waterfast Lash is a nice mascara. Is it the best out there? Honestly, no, but it will serve you well if you do decide to purchase it. The effect is gorgeous and it's pretty easy to work with. :)

Hope this helps!