Unboxing: The January-February BDJ Box

I've always believed that when robots or artificial intelligence evolve beyond human capabilities, they would not go Terminator on us. They would most likely be either benign, even altruistic towards humans, or would simply leave us and move on to the next plane of existence. Another possibility just occured to me: they can combine their capabilities with our species, becoming a hybrid of organic and metal/plastic/silicone etc. (My thinking is distinctly Asimovian.)

This is what was running through my head after watching Her. It's a movie about a man falling in love with his operating system. Did I get teary eyed? A little bit. But their love story didn't interest me so much as the moral and practical implications of the premise. Why are letter writers rich in the future? What makes a human, human? Is romantic love less real when shared with 641 other people? Where did the OSs go? 

In any case, watch Her. It's a good film.

Moving along! I want to quickly show you what's inside the January-February BDJ Box. I got this last Thursday! I like how it contains a LOT of stuff that I can actually use. My favorites would be the Ellana Lip & Cheek Gel (of course, lol), Beauty Bright Soap (reviewed it and loved it!), the free Brow Construction from Browhaus (my HG brow salon), and the Revlon nail art polish. 

Hmm, I just realized, I like the stuff I've already tried. I should probably be more adventurous and go for the other samples/vouchers! Check 'em out here.

Inside: Beauty and Bright Moringa Soap (P114) | My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Shampoo and Conditioner samples (P1200 each) | Avon CC Cream (P699) | Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara (P650) | Ellana Minerals Lip & Cheek Gel (P220) | Tony Moly samples of Tomatox, Pure Aura CC Cream, Snail Cream, Gyeol Emulsion | Revlon Nail Art (P375) | Garnier Color Naturals (P199) | Vouchers for Browhaus, AIP, Azta Urban Salon

Thought I'd swatch the Ellana Lip & Cheek Gel. This is our bestseller, aside from the foundation. ;) I'll review it separately!

I think I've gone through two bars of this soap. Happy to get a restock!

Oooh, didn't know Avon already has a CC cream! I swatched this and found that the shade isn't too light. Have yet to wear it on my face, will let you know when I do

My mom would love this. She has dry, graying hair. ^_^

And that's it. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, folks! Let's chat tomorrow!