Day 1: El Nido, Lagen Island

This trip couldn't have come at a better time. There are a lot of changes in my life recently, and while I am not given to melodrama, I still need to figure out a few things. What's that line from Frozen? "It's funny how some distance makes everything so small." I think that our problems are all small, once we look at them from a fresh perspective. Traveling or doing something as mundane as reading a book gives me a set of new eyes. What does it for you?

Anyway! Nivea launched a new product, as you know, and invited press and celebs over to one of the best resorts in the country: El Nido in Lagen Island, Palawan. I feel lucky to be able to stay in such a beautiful place! Here's a photo diary of what went down on my first day there.

We rode a small, 16-seater (I think) plane to Palawan. It's the smallest plane I've been in! Not as scary as it looks.

The clouds look like they're sitting on top of a mirror

The port in Palawan

Ready for the sea!

Mikki and Martha

Julia looking like a cute kid

Marj and Ana. I love that I'm traveling with my blogger friends! First time I went to a Nivea junket (about four years ago I think), I didn't know anyone. It was so awkward at first! I was just starting out as a blogger then. Now it's different - I'm with a group of friends, plus I'm also acquainted with lots of people outside my blogger circle. It's certainly more fun this time around!

We had lunch in Entalula Island before proceeding to Lagen, which is about 25 minutes away

I wish I got to swim here! Look at that emerald green water!


#boatselfie ? Lol. The girls behind me eventually smiled at the camera. It has a flip screen so people can't seem to help looking at it haha.

Finally settled in our room. I stayed with Marj and Martha. They're great roomies, because we never run out of things to talk about.

View outside the balcony...

...right in front of the beach

A great place to chill

Inside the room

Spacious bathroom

Nivea goodies were just waiting for us! I didn't snap a pic but other than the Nivea stuff, they also included a yoga mat (for the yoga class the next morning), a power bank (fully charged already, for charging our phones), a rash guard, a Roxy bikini, and insect repellant, among other things.

I love how the Nivea team gave us things that we would need during the trip. I mean, think about the amount of thought and work that went into that. I love it.

My Diane von Furstenberg x Roxy Bikini. Cute but I'm too lola to wear it. :P

What a beautiful day that was. I would definitely love to visit again, with my mom and dad perhaps. Anyway, stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow! We went island hopping. ^_^