Commenter of the month for November and December Gift

It's 2015 in a few weeks. Have you thought about how your year was? The high points, the lows? It helps one's overall well-being to internalize those things just before the new year rolls in. If there's anything you can change to make the current one better, then perhaps you should do that now and have no regrets. I need to think of what that would be for me!

Anyway, the Commenter of the Month for November is none other than Abigaill Villacruz. Congratulations! Please email your name, address, and mobile to lizlanuzo at  For December, I thought I'd give away some hand picked products + art materials! For a change. I want to share my love for painting too!


This is quite a lot of stuff from my personal stash. I've got some Heroine Make, Ecotools, Revlon, MeMeMe, The Body Shop, L'Oreal, Covergirl, Sally Hansen, and Burt's Bees for the winner. I also included a cute tote bag from Tokyo (llamas!) and of course some art stuff.

I've included sable hair watercolor brushes from Singapore, a Nikko nib from Tokyo, Prang set, a watercolor pad, and gift tags from Tory Burch. This should get you started with your painting.

So, it's same mechanics as before! Every month, I'll pick a commenter on my blog. She must be able to leave useful comments, such as sharing feedback about a product I reviewed. It can be a "thank you" comment, or maybe a really good question (I love good questions). A big factor would be the frequency of the reader's comments. Does she always visit? Does she read through the site? At the end of the day though, I always value quality more than quantity. Consistency is key.

Comment away! Am hoping to hear from you. ;) I'll pick the winner by mid January 2015. Good luck!