Get good vibes with the Nippon Amber + Plumeria Natural Soy Candle

Living alone is neither as fun nor as liberating as it sounds. It's mostly a lot of sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, and bills, bills, and more bills! Sometimes when the weather is grey and wet like today, it's easy to get stuck in a funk because you have nobody to talk to (except your dog if you have a dog). It can get really quiet and you will start missing your mom fussing over you. 

In other words: you're lucky if you live with people who love you. It might be that there's never enough space but it is certainly less lonely. And less expensive LOL.

ANYWAY I didn't want to be in a mood today so I lit up my Nippon Amber + Plumeria Natural Soy Candle (P600). This is one of the latest products from Nippon Esthetics - surprising choice for a brand that mainly sells disposable applicators but it's a welcome change.

The candle smells fantastic! Plumeria is apparently another name for frangipani, so imagine a jasmine-like scent overlaid with homey notes of amber. So lovely in this weather. My office feels so cozy because of it!

In the background I'm playing some thoughtful acoustic songs and all is again right in the world. Sometimes, our problems are never really as melodramatic as they initially sound. A candle, a bit of music, and lunch should solve them. ^_^

What's making you feel good today?

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