Tutorial: Party makeup with Pixy Cosmetics

It's three days 'till Christmas and the barrage of parties, reunions, and weddings are far from over! If you're still planning your look for the next special occasion, here's a step by step tutorial for you. I used my favorite products from Pixy Cosmetics since the shades are lovely, the formula is long-wearing, and most importantly, everything is crazy affordable. Pixy products aren't priced over P400, did you know?

I've had these products for a while and my favorite is the Pixy Perfect Matte Two-Way Cake since it has great coverage and fairly good staying power. The Perfect Eyeliner (P325) and the Waterproof Mascara (P260) are revelations too - they barely budge even when worn all day! The mascara in particular made my lashes really stand out, and to think, it's only 260 bucks! I'm not kidding. You MUST try it out.

So! Let's get started! I did a gold-and-charcoal smoky eyeshadow look with big lashes, a thickly-lined eye for a retro feel, and luscious lips. This would be totally photogenic and will work with any outfit you can think of. Here's how I achieved the makeup.

So there you go! I hope you enjoyed the look. ^_^ Tell me, are you an Earthy Beige or a Rouge Tango? Let me know in the comments!

This post is brought to you by Pixy Cosmetics. Pixy is available in select Watsons branches.