The gift of scents

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? If you're still at it, allow me to make a few choice recommendations in the perfume department! Shopping scents for someone else is both easy and challenging - easy, because most things on the counter smell good; difficult, because you have to find one that suits your receiver's personality. Gifting a scent is a personal, intimate gesture. It's not something you do just for a random acquaintance!

Here are three of my scent suggestions for three important people you might have in your life.

The Kenzo Flower In The Air Eau De Toilette (P3,100/30ml | P4,400/50ml | P5,950/100ml) is perfect for the feminine girlfriend or girl best friend. It's a modern, young and upbeat floral that has top notes of raspberry and pink pepper. The heart contains dazzling rose, magnolia and gardenia, resting on an elegant white musk base. This is very lovely and hard to make a mistake with. It smells conventionally good, i.e. it's a crowd pleaser!

The flacon is clear glass with a cap that looks like a floating flower. Minimalist yet chic!

The Givenchy Very Irresistible Eau De Toilette (P2,900/30ml | P4,100/50ml | P4,960/75ml) is for a more mature person, say your mom or a special aunt. It's heavy on the rose motif, with notes of spicy anise and lush green whiffs of lemon verbena and cassia. That's a very interesting departure from your typical floral scent - a good thing if you're looking for a sophisticated choice for someone with taste! I feel that Very Irresistible is made for the woman in command, sensuous yet feminine.  

The Clinique Calyx (P2,800/50ml | P3,800/100ml) is a sharp green scent inspired by nature. It's  quite androgynous, ideal for a brother or sister with an audacious personality. The Calyx seriously wakes me up whenever I get a whiff of it. It goes straight to my head but in a pleasant way, surprisingly! I would give this to someone who has a lot of energy and spunk, and does not always appreciate conventions. 

And that is that. ^_^ How are you spending your weekend? I'm about to leave for an overnight trip, just chilling out with friends. Have a great one, ladies!