Project Vanity Hits: The rewind edition

I believe that songs you loved or at the very least felt intensely about in the past will always stay with you. It doesn't matter how much your taste has changed - how you have changed - the song will always remind you of an emotion or a situation that would have made you, you. Recently I've been re-discovering old favorites and just having a blast remembering half-forgotten things.

The same could be said for three products that have wormed their way back into my heart. If you've been reading Project Vanity from before then you would recognize these as some of my most highly-recommended beauty finds. This was a time before brands started sending me anything; when I'd go to the mall and buy things for myself. It's different now because the blog has grown and with it corporate support. That ain't a bad thing, just that there's little room for spontaneous purchases.

Anyway. Here are some old finds that I've come to use regularly again! I love them.

Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Toner. I swore on this one up and down, haha. I've gone through several bottles of this and recommended it to all my friends! I had such troubled skin back then and this really helped heal my breakouts a bit faster. Now I don't need something as intense - the Burt's Bees Daisy White Toner is still best for daily use - but the Tomato Toner is more effective in smoothing out my skin. Like it's ironed. Which is scary but my skin texture looks so refined when I use this regularly!

So yes this is part of my daily routine at the moment. ^_^


Ellana Loose Mineral Foundation. You knew this was coming! I discovered Ellana when I was still in college. It was too good to be true: it offered flawless coverage, it's kind on troubled skin, and even better, it's so affordable! I started using this again after Ellana's relaunch last year. This foundation is still too good to be true today; I have a lot of high-end bases but I always go for Ellana, especially the pressed version.

Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer. I remember buying this for P300 while I was still working my first job. I finished a couple of tubes and went on to other concealers, but since I acquired another tube recently I remember what made me like it so much. Aside from the (still) affordable price, it's a great concealer for the under eyes. It goes on smoothly, doesn't cake, and sticks most of the day. What else could I ask for?

And that is that! Have you also been using old favorites that you're loving again? Would love to know what they are!