Avon 8-in-1 Eye Palette in The Metallics

I'm baaaack! Just came from a Nivea press event all the way in El Nido, Lagen Island. The place was breathtakingly beautiful - think clear azure waters, 360-degree views of basaltic islands, and awesome locals. It was an experience that I will never forget! I'll blog about it later but first, I'd like to show you something interesting from Avon. It's the 8-in-1 Eye Palette in The Metallics (P349)!

I believe this came out over the holidays so I can't guarantee that it's still available. It's better to ask your Avon lady! Nonetheless, I think it's interesting how Avon is coming out with even more interesting products and color selections. I mean, just look at this! 

There are three versions of this palette - the one here is all about metallic colors. They aren't THAT metallic to me though; I'd say they look like normal eyeshadows with shimmer. Pigmentation is pretty good, texture is a little rough but workable, and staying power is okay as long as you use a base. 

This palette doesn't blow my mind away, honestly, but it does have one thing going for it: eight pretty colors for only 349 bucks. Observe!

First four shades feature a silvery white, turquoise, white gold, mid-blue

The copper on the leftmost is the most wearable, followed by a gorgeous burgundy. Then there's metallic silver and a matte black with lots of shimmery bits for dimension

Wearing the gold on the inner lids, then turquoise on the middle, blue on the outer lids, then blended the copper on the crease. I love the iridescence of the shadows!

There are some adventurous colors in there, so yes, it's not something you can generally wear all the time. But if you're experimenting with colors or just really like bright shades that pop, this palette is for you! It shows up well on top of primer and is easy to work with. Great for beginners, I'd say. ^_^