Mascara Week: Revlon Lash Potion Mascara

If you don't cook, you should learn how. Not sure if I'm repeating myself here already but - you should cook. It's ridiculously easy, not that expensive, and much more fulfilling than eating someone else's food. You don't have to start with guns a-blazin', attempting to cook something complex like beef bourguignon. You can experiment with simple omelettes, a grilled cheese sandwich, maybe some spaghetti. The recipes you learn will serve you for the rest of your life.

So glad my Dad taught my how to cook! I'm not the best but I like what I come up with. Last night I made mushroom and chicken risotto for dinner (inspired by Ina Garten), while breakfast was bacon pancake (inspired by Jake the Dog). That song is still stuck in my head btw! I topped the pancake with butterscotch sauce and a lick of whipped cream. Sinful but definitely worth it.

Anyhoo, let's move on to the next product for my Mascara Week! The Revlon Lash Potion Mascara  (~P600) is the brand's latest lash enhancer. I have here the waterproof version in Blackest Black.


The Lash Potion's staying power is flawless - it is indeed waterproof and smudge-proof! I've worn this all day and I didn't notice any smearing. It doesn't come off with just my water-based makeup remover, but it slides off with my oil-based remover so no biggie.

As for the finish, I do like how it fattens and lengthens my lashes in two coats. Blackest Black is also as the name hints: very very black and practically matte. 

Now that' I'm writing this down, I realize that the Revlon Lash Potion is like a cheaper version of the theBalm What's Your Type? The Body Builder Mascara. theBalm's mascara would probably cost over a thousand bucks, but if you don't mind a bit more clumpiness, you can just get the Lash Potion at just P600 thereabouts. You'll get the same finish and effect!

The brush is large but does well in combing through clumps and separating the lashes


Downsides: this flakes easily, unfortunately. A particle or two would always get into my contacts; let's just say it's not the best experience! It also has a tendency to give me tarantula lashes if I work too slowly in coating my lashes. Well, the workaround is simple enough so I won't give Revlon too much grief about it.

I think Revlon can do better than this, but for the price, the Lash Potion Mascara works well enough. Try this if you're looking for a drugstore mascara that's waterproof while not being extra-difficult to remove!

Oh in case you're curious - the eyeliner I'm using is a blue pencil from the Revlon Photoready Kajal line. Pretty no? It's not super long-wearing but it's solid enough for the next five hours. Not bad. I like that the other pencils have a nude tip for the waterline. It looks more natural from afar! I'm using white only because that's what the blue comes with. ^_^

Sooo...we're almost done with Mascara Week! Have you spotted a new favorite already? 



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