Lancome Gloss In Love

I'm sure you've seen other beauty bloggers posting about this already! Two reasons, really: Lancome Philippines has an ongoing contest for your guys AND these glosses are pretty rad. I don't wear a lot of lip gloss since I find that most of them sticky and drying. But the Lancome Gloss In Love (P1,295) is a game changer!

They feel like butter on the lips - very creamy, a wee bit thick, but there is no stickiness or greasiness. It doesn't feel like your lips are sweating inside (if you know what I mean). They are also extremely, well, glossy. Juicy-looking. They definitely make my lips look plumper and dare I say sexier!

See? The lasting power is pretty nice, at two to three hours without eating. The gloss doesn't feel flaky once it's completely dry; indeed, I don't even need to wear lip balm underneath. It's moisturizing enough by itself. I also love the slightly curved wand as it helps the gloss sink into the lips better. Make sure to wiggle the wand all over to avoid spidery wrinkled-looking lips!

I just wish that all the glosses are as pigmented as the one I'm wearing up there (#385) but I suppose fairer ladies will love the paler shades. Check out Sabs' swatches here, the lighter colors look great on her fair skin!

Here are my own swatches. ^_^ What's your favorite?

#146, 144, 323, 383, 385

Gloss In Love #146 is a very light peach. There is no shimmer in the formula..

Gloss In Love #144 is warmer, more pigmented than #146. It does have shimmer but I find that it adds more volume to the lips!

Gloss In Love #323 is an almost transparent baby pink. It has multi-color, holo shimmers - very very pretty! Wish my camera caught the different colors. This gloss isn't really meant to be worn alone; it's best on top of a lipstick to add extra dimension.

Gloss In Love #383 is a slightly more pigmented version of #323. It can be worn alone as a sort of glossy lip tint.

Gloss In Love #385 is a nicely pigmented hot pink. It's not neon or anything, just very striking. This is my favorite!

So there you go. I wish Lancome came up with interesting names instead of numbers for these glosses, but oh well, at least the formula's nice. Check them out if you're looking for a comfy, daily lip gloss that can add lots of volume to your lips!

Before I go, here is the mechanics to Lancome's contest. You can find Lancome Philippines' FB Page here. :)


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