Make Up Factory Light Reflecting Concealer

Light reflecting concealer, what? This type of concealer excels at softening fine lines and lifting up dark eye bags. It is able to do that with shimmer and a feather light coverage - not enough to cover up dark circles, but enough to make them look presentable if they aren't that dark. I prefer to use a light reflecting concealer on a normal day out. I don't think I have super dark eye bags, and in any case pen concealers are fast to work with!

I haven't tried many LRCs, but my favorite is the Clinique Airbrush Concealer. This stuff is awesome! It stays put, never feels heavy, and lightens my under eye area prett well even though it only has light coverage. :) Today I'm going to review something similar yet slightly more affordable - the Make Up Factory Light Reflecting Concealer (P1,180).

Make Up Factory is a German cosmetics brand that you can find in Bonifacio High Street and SM Aura Department Store. Its pricing is just right - not cheap but not overly expensive either. It's a brand that makeup artists will surely enjoy using. ;)

So! The MUF Light Reflecting pen concealer delivers a bit of coverage and shimmer. It's a bit difficult to spread if you're not wearing eye cream, but I do like that it sets completely unlike many cream/liquid concealers. It dries up in a powder finish which means that you can skip the powder if you only intend to wear it for a few hours.

It won't cover up blemishes or very dark bags, but it's great at brightening any uneven areas you may have all over the face. That could be the sides of the nose and mouth.

I have the lightest shade, 1. This is several shades lighter than my actual shade, but it blends out nicely due to its yellow tone. I find that we can get away with a very light concealer on the under eye area - in fact, I would recommend it! If you blend the concealer properly, you can get brighter undereyes that do not look overly fake.

The MUF concealer has an okay staying power. I can wear it for about four to five hours before it starts to fade. Perhaps my least favorite thing about it though is the fact that it's hard to spread properly. There's something in the formula that simply doesn't mix with water, so if you're sweaty while applying it, it won't blend on properly. Make sure that your eye area is completely try first before you work this in.

Overall, Make Up Factory Light Reflecting Concealer is a nice product to have around for brightening eye bags and softening fine lines. It won't cover up blemishes but, well, it's not formulated to do that. Make Up Factory has a heavy-coverage cream concealer - you should try that out if you're more concerned about spots. ;)

I would still prefer the Clinique Airbrush over this one. The MUF has more coverage but Clinique is easier to blend and it stays on longer. However, MUF is slightly less expensive. I'm not updated on the Airbrush's current price but it should be around P1,300 - P1,400 now locally.

So there you go! Do you use light reflecting concealers? What's your fave?

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