Brush Week: My top five favorite brushes

Brush Week is finally drawing to a close. I think it's only fitting to write about my five favorite brushes, the ones that I never fail to use! I mean, there are a lot of brushes that I rotate quite often, but these five are absolutely indispensable to my routine. 

You'll notice that my picks here are mostly inexpensive. I don't feel the need to invest in a lot of expensive brushes since I only apply makeup on myself, and the ones I have here work perfectly. In fact, my favorite powder brush is only P120! Seriously. It's so awesome but unfortunately I can't find it anymore.

Anyway, here's why I LOVE these brushes!

The Large Powder Brush is my favorite foundation brush, hands down. It's super soft and quite large, but I like the size because it really cuts down the amount of time I spend on powder application. As in, I just swish it around a few times and my face looks flawless already. It buffs pressed and loose powder seamlessly in only a few seconds, without ruining any of the liquid/cream makeup underneath.

I use it to apply powder foundation or loose setting powder. 

The clincher: it's only P120! No joke! I bought it in Market Market two freakin' years ago. Two. YEARS. And it looks as good as new, even after all the washing and abuse I throw at it! I bought one backup but I gave it to my friend, so now I only have this one. It's no longer sold in the MM Department Store. :( Please please tell me if you find anything like it in any department store! There is no brand name. It's one of those China-made generic brushes. Except it's awesome.

My second favorite face brush is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I think this is sold separately, but I got mine from the Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set. This can apply cream, liquid, or powder foundation, but I prefer to use it as my blush and contour brush. Weird shape for it, eh? But the bristles are super soft and the size is just right for my rather wide face. Angled just so, this brush can give me a nicely shaped face with my favorite blush and contour powder.

The finish it gives is quite soft but you can still see definition even if you don't layer on a lot of color. Love it!

I like to use a variety of brushes to do my eye makeup, but these three are shall we say my "core collection". :) The Charm Dream Brow Duo Brush is the best eyebrow brush out there. The bristles are hard and stiff without being scratchy. They're made of natural hair bristles that make shading and blending brow makeup (be it cream or powder) a breeze! 

The Suesh Large Eyeshadow Brush is the best at packing in eyeshadows. It's a flat and stiff brush that can really maximize the opacity of your chosen color, and somehow prevent it from creasing early since it spreads the color evenly. I also sometimes use this to apply a well-defined crease color.

Last but not least, I love the MAC 217 Blending Brush. It blends powder AND cream eyeshadow amazingly well. I also recently realized that it's also a nice brush for nose contouring. 

So there you go! Would love to know: what are your favorite brushes? The ones you always pick up?

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