Etude House Color Pop Collection

Today is a busy day! I have to do an ocular for a possible event venue, maybe check out the Luxasia Sale, pick an outfit for the Preview Ball, then go to the said ball. Somewhere in between I must write a proposal. Buuut I love you guys so I'll quickly tell you all about the latest collection from Etude House - Color Pop!

This isn't a full review post since I have yet to complete the swatches of the items I have. I actually just want to answer a question that many of you have asked recently: what is the pink eyeliner I used in this look? It's so cute no?

It's an Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Pencil from the Color Pop Collection! There are lots of other fun shades but I only have swatches of two for you - IMHO, I would choose them myself if I had the chance since I don't have anything like them. They are creamy, fairly pigmented, and quite affordable. I don't have the exact price but my guess is they would be in the P300-500 range.

They surprisingly have a nice staying power. I've worn them for four hours in very humid weather and they stayed in place! I did have a primer underneath, though. I haven't worn them for longer than four hours so I'll get back to you on that.


Love 'em. The Etude House Color Pop Collection should be out now, so do check them out in stores near you. I'll post the capsule reviews next week most likely. Have a great weekend! ^_^