Jorgendipity: Recap and final episode!

When the story of Jorgen and Christine was presented to me early this year by the Jergens team, I was quite taken by it. The campaign's message wasn't about whitening or changing who you are to impress some guy because you're not good enough - it's about confidence. It's about taking chances and banishing "what ifs". It's a message that all young women (and men) out there need to hear: you need to overcome your insecurities and believe in yourself in order to find happiness!

It's just icing on the cake should you happen to have smooth and moisturized skin while you're at it. ;) The Jorgendipity series was corny, funny, cute and awkward all at the same time. It's something everyone can relate with, you know, the rush of first love and the doubts that come with it. The two characters were so believable that even I thought they were together in real life! (They're not boo). I like them no matter how cheesy they got in the end!

Jorgen is so gwapo in real life! Yes I met him! He looks 100% better in person!

With the couple and fellow beauty bloggers

I highly recommend you watch the whole thing from the first episode up to the fifth and last one. I actually found the whole 27-minute short film. Enjoy!


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