You want it if you don't have it

I have tried my hand at unrequited love before, and it did not end well (as these things do). I find the whole experience incredibly funny now and wonder "what was I thinking?" during the few odd moments I remember it. But at that time my teenage self was intensely "in love" with her best friend then. He didn't want to hear any of it because he was into pretty girls, not geeky bespectackled ones such as myself!

Sorry, okay, I'm really laughing now. I do miss the kilig moments though, the anticipation to come to class to sit near him. Oh, my youth. I was so foolish, but the rush was worth it - in retrospect. :)

Anyway, there's this interesting blog by a girl called Christine. She was in love with a boy from her college days, see, and decided to write about why and how it didn't work out.

This is my story. Falling in love with my Jorgen, secretly making half-meant advances on him, and battling all my inner demons. I am sharing this story to anyone who also made the mistake of letting “the one” go, or never really made a move at all. This is for all of us and all our glorious regrets.

This is for Jorgen--The One…

That got away.

It's a nice read if you have an odd hour this weekend and pretty much experiencing the same thing. :) 

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