Prostyle Fuwarie Straight Styling Mist

The first and (until recently) last time I attempted to use a hair iron was when I was a wee girl of 13. I was jealous of my classmates' straight hair and wanted so badly to have the same thing! When I finally had the chance to use my aunt's iron, I was incredibly giddy with delight. I was so excited!

That is, until I burned off a section of my hair during my first attempt. Ha ha. Since then I avoided heating gadgets unless it's wielded by a professional. Well, I gave in and bought a hair blower but I mostly use the cool air setting. I didn't want to take any chances.

BUT. It always pays to grow out of small fears like this - especially when the tools to succeed are just literally lying around. I recently received the Avon Style Specialist line so I thought why not? Wouldn't hurt to give it another go! I'll review those styling tools another day. For now I want to gush about the Prostyle Fuwarie Straight Styling Mist (P450).


Fuwarie Straight Styling (L) and End Curling Mist (R)

This product is supposed to "set" your hair straight and to prevent your iron from damaging it. It also has UV protection apparently, which is a big plus this summer! I adore it becase it did keep my hair fairly straight the whole afternoon I wore it; my hair didn't feel crunchy and dry at all even though I lavished it with heat. It was an extremely humid day so I was expecting frizz, but that didn't happen.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Straight Styling is a fruity-smelling fluid, not quite as sticky as hair spray but it does have a tacky feel on the hair before it dries. I applied a generous amount on my damp hair then proceeded to iron in sections. The ceramic iron glided on smoothly and effortlessly - a surprise because I am a total noob at this. I was expecting that it would be difficult to keep my curly mass of locks straight.

Love the spray! It gives a fine mist and has a simple but hassle-free locking mechanism.

The Fuwarie smoothened the process and the result. :) I felt like my hair was protected! After, the product maintained the softness and smoothness even under the humidity. My hair became a teeeny bit wavy after three hours but I actually prefer that versus stick straight so it's all good.

I need more practice in the back!

Would I recommend it? Definitely, if you like ironing your hair straight. Just don't expect it to offer any hold or too much shine. I still prefer to use a hair serum afterwards to get the shine I want buuut Fuwarie is not too bad on its own. It's just a matter of preference. So yeah, try Fuwarie sometime if you want smooth and soft results with less damage in the long run.

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