K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eye Pencil

You've read the raves I'm sure. The K-Palette 1-Day Tatto Real Lasting Eye Pencil (P795) is the reformulated version of the old pencils and comes in Super Black and Deep Brown. These are heavily pigmented, creamy, and very easy to work with once you get the hang of the flat tip. They stay on the whole day - well, as long as you have primer or powder on top of your lids. If you don't, the eyeliner is golden for about 5-6 hours, which is a good amount of time anyway.

I find that this migrates to my upper lids and smudges on the outer corner of the eyes if I use it on bare skin for more than five hours. I wore this to a shoot where I was out for a solid twelve hours (7am to 7pm). By noon, the eyeliner was starting to smudge. By 3pm, I have two queer lines on my crease, as the pigment has transferred. Well, it was a pretty hectic and stressful day as I was the one directing the shoot. Most of my makeup has gone to the dogs come 3pm. 

I know I sound cranky, because by all intents and purposes the K-Palette pencil liners are awesome. It's just that, they pale in comparison to the liquid version. The latter can be used for 15 hours with zero smudging and fading, with or without a primer!


In any case, as long as I have some primer and/or powder on my eyelids, these pencils stay in place like a dream. I think that it's because the pencils are so ridiculously pigmented that the color just can't help but escape on bare lids. The actual base formula is pretty solid though, as long as you allow it to set properly before doing anything else to your eyes.

One swipe each of Super Black and Deep Brown

Deep Brown, worn

I love that it's warm, no taupey as some brown eyeliners tend to be. The effect is softer than a black eyeliner which is why I prefer to use this during the day.

And this is Super Black. It's a matte black eyeliner, pretty basic. I wore this look for six hours and it didn't fade or smudge or transfer at all.

I swear these pencils are not as fussy as they sound. :P Like I said, they're extremely pigmented - one swipe can get you an opaque line. Unlike other similarly opaque pencils, however, the K-Palette ones are creamy and easy to control. You just need to dot a couple of times on the back of your hands first to sorta warm up the tip.

You have to be careful about exposing only 2 milimeters of the tip per use. Why? Because it it's so creamy, it breaks off easily with pressure. Just expose what you need to line your eyes and no more.

I highly recommend the K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eye Pencil to girls with normal lids, or if you have oily lids, just make sure to apply eyeshadow, loose powder, or primer on your lids first. :) Allow it to set completely before you curl your lashes and you'll be fine. It's water-resistant so I'd be confident enough to take it to swimming, but yes, make sure it has set. Retouch as needed.

Which should you get, the K-Palette liquid pen or the pencil? Well, I much prefer the pen because it's more precise and stays on better, but I also like the pencil because it does give a certain softness and roundness to the eyes. Depends on the look, really. If you only need to pick one, go for the formula that you're comfortable with. Pencils are easy for beginners. ;)

What do you think?

You can find K-Palette in all Beauty Bar branches.