Liz Asks: What do you think of the Asian puffy eye or eye bag trend?

Hi folks! I read about the Asian eye bag trend last year and thought that it's just one of those passing fancies Koreans get themselves into. But apparently it's still going strong, even in Japan! Wait, what is it anyway? Here's an informative photo collage from Sasa:

asian eyebags.jpg

Why anyone would want to give themselves eye bags on purpose might be baffling, but the explanation kinda makes sense. The older we get the more put together we look - obviously, we obsesses more about hiding our perceived flaws, and we have the means to fix them with cosmetics or surgery. Some mature women also experience "sunken" eyes due to the loss of collagen over time. That feature can make them look more aged and tired.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 5.05.57 PM.png

Puffy (but not dark) eye bags are supposedly a sign of youth. Just look at cute, fresh-faced kids! They have that small bag under their eyes. Eyebags like that can make a person look mischievous, as if she's smiling permanently. She can also look more natural and less made-up, if you know what I mean.

Told ya, it makes sense...but for certain features only. If you have protruding eyes, dark eyebags and/or lots of wrinkles in that area then you won't be able to pull off the desired effect. But if you have slanted, flat eyes then yes I think this is a neat trick.

Personally I don't think that we should blank out our eyebags with a thick layer of concealer. It's just too fake that way. Do lighten and brighten that area with a light hand only!

What do you think? Is this look for you? Have you tried it out?