A peek in Marcia Adams' garden

When I was very young I was absolutely certain that I knew more than my mother. How could I not, when I've read all these wonderful books and spent hours devouring all those wise-crackin' TV shows? Surely I understand the world better than she does. I'm smarter. I will do better, she'll see.

But now that I'm older all that hubris has faded away. I try to remember all the advice and little facts (from being sick to home-making) she's given me through the years, and what do you know - she was right all along. "What would my Mama do?" is a question I constantly ask myself these days. I don't spend time with her as much as I should but I think of her always. 

Anyway, a few weeks ago I got to bond with her on a trip to Tagaytay. Remember the Project Vanity x Ford contest? We rode the All-New Ford Focus with the winners and had lunch at Marcia Adams. It was a great Saturday afternoon just chillin' and eating delicious home-cooked food. Here are the photos! 

Leaving the city in style

...to find this secret garden tucked away in the borders of Tagaytay

A calm place

Rustic in every way (and fully-booked too!)

The lovely couples Tara and Darry - they are so sweet together! Proves that there's still a spark after marriage ;)

That's Kitty and Lawrence. They both actually sent entries to the contest - and they didn't know it! Crazy romantic.

Ahhh, the food. I like that the entrees already come with a soup and dessert. Most things are at P700 - fairy affordable considering it's a 3-course meal. Everything was delicious! I particularly like this bacon soup. It should be easy to recreate at home with some stock, cabbage, chunks of bacon, and potatoes. 

I forgot the exact name of this dish but it's basically baked porkchop. Again, another basic but yummy dish.

My dessert - grilled orange and vanilla ice cream. It's a weird combination but it works! I love the ice cream, it's soo creamy and nutty.

My mom's dessert

Flowers from Ford! How cute! 

All together now

My dream car - it can park by itself! I'm deathly afraid of parking!

Going back home. 

And that's what happened. :) Thanks Ford for the lovely afternoon!