Launch and product information: MAC Archie's Girls Collection

I've been to a lot of parties and even throw some (modest ones) myself, but nobody - and I mean nobody - does parties like MAC. A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to attend the MAC Archie's Girls collection launch. In keeping with the well-loved comics' setting, the Mall of Asia activity center was transformed into a 50's paradise. There were sock hop dancers, vintage-y music, a jukebox, and a kissing booth. The food was right on theme as well with soda floats, burgers and fries, and mini desserts!

But of course the real star of the event was the eternal love triangle - Archie and his girls, Betty and Veronica. MAC released the Archie's Girls collection with two sub-categories. Betty had light, girl-next-door makeup, whereas Veronica had daring and vampy colors fit for boyfriend stealin'. 

Are you a Betty...

or a Veronica?

I'm definitely a Veronica - at night! I'm a Betty by day, haha. The lipsticks I think stole the spotlight, with Boyfriend Stealer (deep blackened plum) and Betty Bright (peach coral) being the most unique choices. The Pearl Matte Face Powders are also worth checking out if you like that pinkish glow all over your face - or even just the gorgeous packaging.



Here's more product information with prices for your reference. I'm sure that by now many of the pieces are out of stock, but if you're interested in anything you better check them out at your fave MAC counter - just in case! You never know. ;)


So there you go. Hope you enjoyed the photos! Lemme know if you've gotten anything, and how it's been so far! 

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