New brand alert: essence is now in Manila!

I was trawling Mall of Asia yesterday with my mom when I saw a stall I have never seen before. I asked the sales lady when it arrived and she said it's been there since February 16! The brand website doesn't offer much information, but it's pretty obvious that the products are targeted towards tweens and teenagers (Justin Beiber for the win!).

Presenting, essence, a drugstore cosmetics brand from Germany. It's now in the Philippines!

The enormous display drew me in but the prices kinda blew my mind. Most of the items were being sold for under P250, with the cheapest going for as low as P79 a piece. Not bad eh? I swatched a few products and found them okay for the price. Not too bad but not "omg gotta have this" good (at that time).

Eyeshadow singles for P119

Fruity - spring collection from 2012

Eyeliners for P209 and eye primer (P169 I think)

Glosses for P139

Concealer. The Stay Natural Concealer is like a dupe of Clinique Airbrush Concealer. Staying power is meh though but for P149 it's hard to complain!

I didn't purchase anything because I didn't need anything, but I plan to go back for a few of the automatic pen eyeliners. They're pretty good for only P149! I swatched a bronze one and when I got home it was still there, vibrant and solid. :D 


There you go. Check out essence when you're in the SM beauty aisle and let me know what you think! Not sure about exact branches but the one I went to is the Mall of Asia Department Store. ;)

Do you think you'd buy anything from this intriguing new brand?