Infatuated with the Preview March 2013 cover

I rarely read magazines but I love LOVE looking at magazine covers. Do you know why? They capture the mood of the month. The covers tell the fashion story of the next 30 days, like a synopsis for us avid followers.

I saw this the March Preview cover the other day and I was literally stunned. As in I looked at it for a good 15 seconds! I'm addicted to anything striped at the moment so this one-piece tickled my little black-striped heart. Lol. As for the makeup, I wished they used a hot color on Jodi's lips instead of nude. I know that's cliche, but if you kinda zoom your eyes out her face just melts in the background. Everything else is in sharp graphic contrast!

Otherwise, her makeup is impeccable. Jodi looks divine and not in a 'shopped way. I saw an Instagram of her the other day and she looks exactly like this. ;) So yes girls, that's the trend for March! Stripes, black and white combinations, and shocking pops of color. Does it look like something you'd go for?