Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Eye Palette in Sequin

The Bobbi Brown holiday collection is always a treat to look forward to every season. This year, it didn't disappoint with a beautifully-edited selection of luxurious lip and eye palettes, lip glosses and brush sets for the beauty enthusiast who wants to get - or give - the gift of glam.

(I think I fall under the former category, because Bobbi Brown is too precious to just give away. Haha.)

Quick product details:

So that's what's up. I'll review the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Eye Palette in Sequin (P2,700), a gift I received from the brand. It's a 10-color palette full of earthy, frosty shades. It's a good mix of cool and warm tones. I know you're thinking though: frosty? What?

This honestly isn't a palette with colors that you can mix and match together. It's meant to be something you can use in conjunction with other palettes, other textures in your kit. Bobbi recommends it as a lower lid or inner corner shimmer to brighten up the eyes. I find that it's best as a lid "accessory"!

I like to think of it as a selection of gorgeous lid washes - wear one or two colors on your lids, then apply a deeper matte or satin eyeshadow on the crease to define. This very specific purpose might be off-putting if you're looking for a palette that can do a lot of looks. However, if you're a makeup artist or like me who love playing with different textures and subtle tones, then you'll enjoy it.

First five shades from the left

Last five shades

The colors may look similar in the photos but you'll see the difference in person. :) They're highly pigmented - you won't need to use a primer! - and have a smooth, non-powdery texture. These colors can also be used to highlight the face, just like the other Shimmer Bricks for the complexion.

Overall, the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Eye Palette in Sequin is great to try if you're looking for gorgeous lid washes or eye highlighters to add to your kit. I wouldn't call it a must-have if you're a casual makeup wearer, however, if you're a makeup artist or enthusiast like me, this could be a good buy.

In any case there are lots of other gorgeous eyeshadow palettes from the Christmas collection! Here's a couple more to moon over. Thoughts?