Cleaner makeup applicators = cleaner face

During my graduation photo shoot a few years back, the organizers hired some makeup artists to do everyone's faces. I didn't bring any of my stuff with me because I expected a certain standard - fresh applicators, at the very least.

Imagine my horror when I got there and saw the MUAs reusing the sponges and the brushes ON EVERYONE. Wet foundation sponges, eyeliner brushes, lip brushes, all reused and not sanitized. It's a nightmare but I didn't want to walk out because the place is in far away QC and I don't want to go back. So I just swallowed my disgust and let them do their worst. (I got pimples ugh)

Okay now I sound like a jerk. But my point is, please don't subject yourself to such unsanitary practices for any reason. If you're having your makeup done (by you or anyone else) always make sure that the brushes are clean and your disposable applicators, fresh. Sometimes it's not the product itself that causes the pimples - it's what you use to apply them! 

Anyway, one brand that has made a commitment to keeping makeup application as hygienic as possible is Nippon Esthetic Solutions. They have a wide range of products that makeup artists and personal makeup mavens will love, from disposable lip gloss applicators, lipstick and mascara brushes, to brush cleaners (remember Parian? Love that one!).

The effervescent Sydney of Nippon sent me a few stuff to try, and I have been using them since! Here's what I think of them.

The Nippon Cosmetic Wedge Sponge (P300 for a pack of 62/ P180 for 32) looks just like any wedge sponge but it's somehow different. It doesn't eat the makeup, and the application is so smooth! Is it just me? Anyway I love using these sponges for quick liquid foundation work and for blending concealer (just pat pat pat!).

Now this I have so much love for: the Nippon Dual Cotton Tips (P30 for 100 tips). These cotton buds are smaller and thus help you a more precise cleaning job. If you love doing cat eyes or strong lips, these are must haves as the pointed tips perfect the lines you're trying to achieve. I plan to hoard this! 

Then I have these hard holey sponges (Nippon Moist Sponges, P25 each) which are perfect for cleansing. Just add some warm water and gently wipe your makeup off - it will come off if they're not particularly long-wearing or waterproof. :) You can also use this with your facial wash in your daily cleansing routine to help scrub off the dead skin. Awesome right? 

There are other Nippon products to try - you can check out their catalogue and order online. If you're OC about hygiene or even when you're not, for that matter, you need these things! These are indispensable to makeup artists, for sure, but it's also incredibly useful to us girls who need more precise application or convenient facial cleansing routine. 

So there you go! You can buy Nippon at Studio SnR  Unit 301 Millennium Place 17 Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center Pasig City. You can contact them at (632) 584.5988 and