Parian Brush Cleaner

If you're lazy when it comes to washing your makeup brushes, raise your hand! *Raises hand* Well, you and I are in luck. There are such things as instant brush cleaners to make our lives easier. You simply spray it/ swirl on your brush, wipe, and voila it's as good as new.

I've heard and read of such wondrous inventions before but it's my first time to actually use one: the Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner (P800). It's a solution that melts makeup off your brushes, leaving it sanitized, deodorized, and ready to use in less than a minute. Professional makeup artists, theatre performers, and makeup studios love this stuff because it allows them to reuse their brushes quickly.

Scent. The first thing you'll notice about Parian is that it smells strongly of oranges (it has the essence of California organes, I hear). I find it pleasant, but I would suggest that you use it only in a well-ventilated place. Use it out of the house, open a window or turn on your ventilator if you intend to do a long cleaning session to let the scent out or it will stick. 

How it works. I prefer putting some in an atomizer bottle first, making sure that it's sealed. Then I spray the product on the brush. Then I wipe the brush with a tissue. I wait for the brush to dry completely before using it again. Easy peasy! 

Bought an atomizer in Watsons for only P30


Before: brushes are super dirty, caked with powder and liquid foundation

Let's start with the crease brush! Spray and wipe twice and it's done.

Foundation brush is thick with foundation

First spray/wipe and half of it came off already

Second spray/wipe and most of it is out. Did it thrice to make sure the remaining residue is completely gone.

What the paper towels looked like after the cleaning session

All ready to rumble!

I forgot to take photos, but Parian dissolves even the toughest gel eyeliner or mascara. I know how it's such a bitch to clean those!

Last notes:

  • The denser your brush is, the slower it dries.
  • Use as little solution as you can. Too much and you'll have your brush feel thicker/ slick. That's why I suggest using an atomizer instead of dipping the brush straight in the product

Care instructions. Parian is basically a solvent, so take care not to get it on the other parts of your brush regularly, if at all. It's great to use on normal days when you don't have time to wash your brushes with soap and water (if you're using it outside of professional purposes), but make sure that you you still deep clean your brushes once a week or every two weeks. Baby shampoo works wonders!

Recommendations. The Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner is efficient and does exactly what is promises, which is to clean and sanitize your brushes quickly. It's not expensive too and comes in different sizes (mine is a jumbo 475 ml already and it's only P800, cheaper of course if smaller).

I highly recommend this to makeup artists and attendants in makeup counters who need to have their brushes regularly cleaned. For normal people (like me), it's still great to have on hand for lazy/ busy days when you don't want to put away time for washing brushes.


You can purchase Parian here:

Nippon Esthetic (the Philippine distributor)

Suesh Cosmetics showroom - 34 Wilson Street Greehills West, San Juan Tel. no. 7823797

Media Makeup Exchange - G/F Evekal building 855 Arnaiz Road, Makati City Mobile (0917)3470950