OOTD: Short on change (and thoughts on dieting)

I wanted to talk about how shorts are a staple yada yada but I'm sure that everyone else has exhausted the topic. To summarize: we live in a tropical country. Shorts are part of our national identity.

On a completely different note - one phrase has been running in my head repeatedly this morning. "If you want to lose weight, EAT LESS." It's like a freakin' mantra. But how less is less, and at what point do we need to eat more? I've been on a no carb diet for the past three weeks and it's consuming me. I do cheat once in a while, of course, but I make sure to make it up in the next meal.

Ferretti bag / Forever 21 knit top and blazer / Bench shorts / Pinbox headband and bracelets / ZARA heels

It is seriously challenging (as you know) not to eat rice or even bread with meals. But I've sort of gotten used to it already and I want them to remain on the fringes of my life. I don't want to swear I wont eat carbs forever because I know I will have to especially when eating out. But when I cook (which is most of the time) they won't be around.

I actually enjoy eating vegetables with my meat although the preparation part sucks. But hey, if that's what it takes to at least maintain my weight then okay. I just want to strike a balance. It's not smart to over-eat, but it's equally stupid to eat too little.

Anyway, here's an outfit I wore yesterday (the first one was last Saturday):

Nude blazer from Rockwell (forgot the brand) / Forever 21 shorts / Pinkbox bangles and earrings / Pill platforms / Louis Vuitton Monogram Alma bag

Thanks for putting up with my rambling haha. Share your diet stories too, okay? Good morning!