Beauty UK Eyeshadow Palette in Earth Child

Just a few years ago, a makeup junkie's options for awesome and affordable palettes were very limited. Thanks to online resellers though, we now have access to drugstore brands from other countries like NYX, Sleek, Models Own, and Beauty UK. Kids these days are lucky! :P

Anyway, one product that I've recently come across is the Beauty UK Eyeshadow Palette in Earth Child (P355 at The Makeup Suite). It's a set of smoky and earthy neutrals that should give you sultry eyes for a dressy day out.

What I love about the product

  • All colors have high pigmentation. There are some chalky textures (the white and beige shades) but they still apply opaque.
  • Smooth texture and fairly easy to blend.
  • Nice set of flattering colors for morena skin. 
  • Compact is slim so you can take it around if you like applying/retouching makeup out of the house.
  • Crazy affordable at only P350. That's a great price for 10 useful colors!


What I don't like about the product

  • Flimsy packaging and sponge. But hey, that's the trade off.


A look I did using the brown and gold


If you're on a budget and looking for high-quality palettes, you'll love the Beauty UK Eyeshadow Palette in Earth Child. The quality of the eyeshadows are really good for the price! They remind me a little of Urban Decay, just less finely milled.

Morenas will love the shade selection Earth Child - the sunset golds, in particular. If you're fair though, prepare for a fab smoky eye when you use this. Oh and never forget to wear an eyeshadow base of course.

Other shades available at The Makeup Suite. You can order here. :)


Neat stuff! I like that this is very pigmented, but I rarely use this palette exclusively by itself. I prefer to mix it with other colors I have; otherwise, it's a bit dark for neutral day looks (if that's what I'm going for). I would like to try the other shades next time!

What do you think of this palette? If you were to buy one, what will you get? :D