Reader question: What to wear with pale pink lipstick

Today I'll answer a question that I received on the Ask Liz! forum. It's a fairly common dilemma, I think!

I recently bought a pale pink lipstick...which was impulsive, because when I got home I realized that I didn't know how I should wear it. I have no idea what eye makeup goes well with it. I don't wanna look like Snooki or Nicki Minaj, so I appreciate your suggestions on how I can avoid this.

I am Filipino, with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, fair complexion. I'd appreciate if you could post some pictures. Thank you so much! - Ica

Hi Ica! A pale pink lipstick is a pretty shade to wear, but it's also tricky on Pinay skin since it can make us look washed out. So if you're wearing a pale pink, play up your eyes and/or cheeks to put some color on your skin. Line your eyes and do a smokey eye (could be light or heavy, brown or black) for a sultry yet innocent evening look. 

For day, you can play with cool toned colors like pink and peach on your lids, contoured with some brown or gold. This always looks pretty with pale lips, and I LOVE how feminine and soft the result is! Just don't forget to use eyeliner and a volumizing mascara to get doll-like eyes.

If you still think that the pale pink makes you look dead, you can try wearing it over a nude lip liner OR topping it with a deeper pink lip gloss. You still get the pretty pink, but it transforms into something more wearable. Oh and you also get better staying power!

Swatch of the Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipliner

And that's it! Hope this helped, Ica! If you guys have other tips to share, please share in the comments. :)