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Reader questions: Coral blush and lipstick, long-lasting BB cream, makeup remover, skin purging

Hi guys! Here are some questions over at the Ask Liz! forum. Thought I'd share my answers here for your reference as well. :)

I will be a bridesmaid on my cousin's wedding and the color of the dress assigned to us is CORAL PINK. What shade of lipstick and blush on should I buy? I don't want my makeup to look exaggerated but I would also like my makeup to be noticeable, and I want a product that can stay on my face for long hours.

Another query is this, what powder should i choose? My face is a bit oily. since the church has no aircon, I'm afraid that my makeup will easily fade away. I don't want my face to look oily that's why I think i need to bring a powder to retouch once in a while. - Maricar

Hi Maricar! I highly recommend the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Coral Berry - it's super duper pretty and flattering! A light layer of the Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek in Cherry Macaron will go well with this lipstick, too, without looking like a matchy pillar of coral.

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Reader question: What to wear with pale pink lipstick

Today I'll answer a question that I received on the Ask Liz! forum. It's a fairly common dilemma, I think!

I recently bought a pale pink lipstick...which was impulsive, because when I got home I realized that I didn't know how I should wear it. I have no idea what eye makeup goes well with it. I don't wanna look like Snooki or Nicki Minaj, so I appreciate your suggestions on how I can avoid this.

I am Filipino, with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, fair complexion. I'd appreciate if you could post some pictures. Thank you so much! - Ica


Hi Ica! A pale pink lipstick is a pretty shade to wear, but it's also tricky on Pinay skin since it can make us look washed out. So if you're wearing a pale pink, play up your eyes and/or cheeks to put some color on your skin. Line your eyes and do a smokey eye (could be light or heavy, brown or black) for a sultry yet innocent evening look. 


For day, you can play with cool toned colors like pink and peach on your lids, contoured with some brown or gold.

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Reader questions: Wedding makeup, liquid lip color, pores, foundie dilemma

Hi guys! How was your loooong (still not done) weekend? I'm out of town, and we plan to hit Baguio tomorrow. Right now though we're just chilling - literally - in a hotel here in Pangasinan. It's too hot outside! 

While I have some lazy time, I thought I'd answer some reader questions over at the Ask Liz! Forum. I regularly answer all questions there if I know how, of course. Hehe. However, I found this set of questions particularly interesting so I thought I would dedicate a whole post on them. Here goes!

Hi, I'm getting married next year, and being a girl who depends on makeup to feel pretty and much more confident, I'm being obsessed looking for HMUAs for my special day. The problem is, aside from extremely high prices plus out-of town charge, I'm scared that they might not get what look am I going for, and I might become a bridezilla.

I am considering to do my own makeup for my wedding. I'd rather splurge on foundation + lipstick + blush and do it myself. Should I or shouldn't I? - Bridezilla

I think you should DIY! That is, if you're confident about your makeup skills and/or open to taking some makeup classes. Bridal makeup is fairly easy if you ask me. It's your basic natural look with waterproof or almost waterproof makeup. You can watch tons of YouTube videos for tips and techniques!

Even the Duchess of Cambridge is a DIY wedding makeup kind of girl

I think that it's a better investment to spend your P10,000-15,000 on good makeup or makeup classes because at least you're upgrading your skills and collection, things that you can use again. You can only use a MUA's service only during that event.

Here are some products I would actually use on my own wedding:

Cinema Secrets Foundation Palette #2 is a photogenic foundation/concealer duo, but personally it can look thick if you don't apply it properly.

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