How I lost weight with CarbTrim

I have always maintained that a healthy diet and exercise is the best way to lose weight. Eat less, move more, is what I'm sayin'! But - there's always a but. Not all of us have the will to exercise or regulate eating, which is why we may need a bit of help in the dieting department.

Recently, I've taken to drinking CarbTrim (P144 for a box of 6 sachets) regularly - about two months now. A friend who lost a lot of weight said that it worked for him so I thought I'd try it.

One sachet is good for a huge glass like this. I drink it once or twice a day, before meals.

Before anything else, know that I am not connected to CarbTrim in any way nor have they contacted me to write about them. I buy CarbTrim regularly because, believe it or not, it worked for me. I have lost 6 pounds in the last month, when I started drinking everyday and eating less. The month before I was just drinking it every other day and eating a LOT.


CarbTrim is a juice drink that claims to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates in your body. Basically, it's supposed to block carbs. It should stop a certain percentage of the carbs you eat from being broken down into sugar and then turning into fat. It claims to do this with white kidney bean extract.

There are actually legitimate studies supporting the carb-blocking powers of white kidney bean extract. A 2007 study from the University of California, Los Angeles concluded that, "...white bean extract of Phaseolus vulgaris has been shown in vitro to inhibit the digestive enzyme alpha-amylase. This may prevent or delay the digestion of complex carbohydrates, potentially resulting in weight loss". 

A 2009 study from a medical research company also said, "Phase 2 white bean extract appears to be a novel and potentially effective method for reducing the GI [glycemic index, our blood glucose response] of existing foods."

This study indicated that 3000mg dose of white kidney bean extract has been shown to decrease the GI significantly. A sachet of CarbTrim only has 500mg of WKBE. Let's be skeptical and say that while CarbTrim may be able to block some carbs, we can't expect it to do this with any immediate results, if at all.

So why do I like it? How does it work for me?

Carb-blocking kung fu aside, I do love CarbTrim because:

  • I love to eat, I love juices/iced tea, but I don't consume a lot of water as is. CarbTrim tastes like normal iced tea but it's only 8 calories while most drinks are at 120-140 cal. So, drinking it before meals hits two birds with one stone: I get my (low cal) drink while getting so full, I have no choice but to eat less...
  • ...resulting in a much reduced appetite for me. I don't snack anymore (an almost OC, hard-to-kick habit of mine) and I eat less carbs like rice and bread. I don't know if it's CarbTrim, but after I drink it I simply can't eat a lot because my stomach can't seem to fit the food in anymore. I get so full!!!

  • One possible effect of white kidney bean extract is the delay of hunger. True enough, I am less hungry these days. If I am just at home - which is 70% of the week - I only eat twice a day.
  • This is TMI but it has to be said: my bowel movements are now a lot more regular. I won't get into details but they were not regular before. So, I feel less bloated, and I pass my food much quicker.

And that is how I lost 6 pounds this month. I am now at a respectable 120, although my goal is to lose at least 5 more pounds. :)

Please note that CarbTrim may not work the same way for you, and to make it work for me, I simply started eating less.

Before you rush off to buy CarbTrim, do consult with your doctor if you have a medical issue. Those with low blood sugar and pregnant women are not advised to ingest white kidney bean extract, okay? And please don't take this post as a valid medical opinion - I am not a doctor so please, take CarbTrim at your own discretion.

What do you think? Have you tried CarbTrim, and if so, how did it work for you?