Bed Head Tigi Foxy Curls

I thought that the Love/Serum Moisturizing Curl Enhancing Serum from Davines was the ultimate product for curly hair. It was everything I wanted! But when I tried the Bed Hed Tigi Foxy Curls (P1,645), I realized that the Davines serum was missing something crucial: hold.

Foxy Curls makes curls stand out without feeling greasy or heavy, much like Love/Serum. It is a lot stickier and thicker though while it's wet. This texture helps keep curls and stray hair in place, something that Love/Serum does not do all that well, since its main focus is to show up curls and moisturize hair. Oh FC also smells amazing!

Anyway, Foxy Curls was put to an extreme test when I used it before attending a media event. I blowdried my hair until it's just slightly damp, then applied the cream starting from under my ears to the tips. My hair looked pretty good, if I do say so myself! Hehe. But when I got to the venue - a bar on a building's open air top floor - it was SO windy. Everyone's clothes and hair were whipping around!

If you're curly then you know how a good gust of wind can ruin your hair. That wasn't the case with mine though. I just kept on smoothing my hair with my fingers throughout the event, fretting that it already looks like a complete mess. But when I got home, it looks super nice and defined. I couldn't believe it. :D

What my hair looks like when I'm wearing Foxy Curls

So yeah, I think the Bed Head Tigi Foxy Curls is a winner. It just took a while for me to get used to the stickiness, and it's not as moisturizing as Love/Serum, but I need to keep my curls in place more than anything. Must-try if you're curly!

Here's where you can buy Bed Head btw!