Mamechiyo for Shu Uemura: Kimono prints on your makeup

If you've seen Memoirs of a Geisha, don't tell me you didn't wish you were a geisha, even for a moment! Screw the fact that your whole livelihood will depend on pleasing men, or that you have to enter a form of slavery (back then) just to train to be one. The beautiful kimonos and the makeup made it such an exciting and glamorous career.

The geisha tradition may have declined throughout the years, but one aspect of it remains an eternal symbol of Japanese culture: the kimono. Artisans still pour their life's work on this garment as the Japanese still prefer to wear it during special occasions.

One of these artisans is Mamechiyo, who recently designed Shu Uemura's limited edition packaging of their Cleansing Oils, UV Under Base Mousse, and powder compact.

Shall I state the obvious? The prints are gorgeous! They come in other designs too, depending on the product that you're purchasing. If you like collecting limited edition packaging or products, you should definitely get something from the Mamechiyo x Shu Uemura collection. It's so kawaii!

Before I leave, I want to show you some of Mamechiyo's kimono designs. Oh I also did some reading and really loved this quote from her. It's the same way I feel about makeup. :D

"A kimono has the appeal of letting the person who is wearing it freely express themselves. Like the world of t-shirts, the kimono has a particular shape that it is fixed in. So because the shape is always the same, it is a world in which you have to compete for originality only with a sensibility expressed via color, message, fabric, and coordination. And a kimono is only made of a design, so it is essentially an incomplete thing. It's similar to the way that a karaoke track is incomplete until you add your own voice to it. It's when the wearer adds an obi and accessories with the feeling of creating a collage that it becomes a complete..."


Photos are taken from Immortal Geisha, under the Creative Commons license