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Bed Head Tigi Foxy Curls

I thought that the Love/Serum Moisturizing Curl Enhancing Serum from Davines was the ultimate product for curly hair. It was everything I wanted! But when I tried the Bed Hed Tigi Foxy Curls (P1,645), I realized that the Davines serum was missing something crucial: hold.

Foxy Curls makes curls stand out without feeling greasy or heavy, much like Love/Serum. It is a lot stickier and thicker though while it's wet. This texture helps keep curls and stray hair in place, something that Love/Serum does not do all that well, since its main focus is to show up curls and moisturize hair. Oh FC also smells amazing!

Anyway, Foxy Curls was put to an extreme test when I used it before attending a media event.

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Hair love

This might sound a little melodramatic but Bedhead Tigi / Davines changed my life. That is, my "mane life". I seriously never knew that my hair can look this good! As in. Wow. It's just air dried ha, then left it in a bun. After an hour I got hair like this:

It's not shampoo commercial hair but I just LOVE the curl definition. I used the Bed Head Tigi Styleshots Hi-Def Curls Shampoo and Conditioner and the Davines Love/ Serum Moisturizing Curl Enhancing Serum. Kick ass combination. Pricy but damn it, I can't say no.

Anyway, Davines / Bed Head kindly sent me a package containing some cool stuff. The shampoo and conditioner smells gorgeous, and the eyeshadow palette - who knew they had makeup?

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Bed Head Tigi Styleshots Hi-Def Curls Shampoo and Conditioner

Let me tell you about my hair care routine before! I shampoo and then...that's it. I normally don't wear conditioner unless my hair is feeling dry (maybe once a month?). As for styling products, I just use serum and then mousse when I'm going somewhere important.

I make a conscious effort to keep my hair low-maintenance because my scalp is very sensitive, and besides, all the hair care products I've used in the past simply don't do much for my unruly, curly hair. But! All that changed when I started using the Bed Head Tigi Styleshots Hi-Def Curls Shampoo and Conditioner

Bed Head had an event for bloggers at Basement Salon a few weeks ago, which is where I first experienced their products. Allow me to tell you why I LOVE my Styleshots Hi-Def Curls set. I have photos to prove it, too.

What I love about the product

  • As promised, the shampoo and conditioner defined my curls and lessened frizz. My hair also feels smooth, soft, and bouncy instantly after I use them. Like I just came from the salon.
  • Smells phenomenal! Hi-Def Curls has this sort of fruity candy scent that really stays until I wash it off.
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