Switchin' and savin' with Watsons-label products

I don't mind spending for shoes and makeup, but I am extremely stingy when it comes to body care products. I think that the stuff we use on our bodies have very basic functions and thus need not be be expensive. In my mind, basic products should be as cheap as humanly possible. On the other hand, complex products we intend to use a for a long time should be things we invest in (cost-per-wear).

I'm a cheapskate where it matters

I mean, why spend more than P30 on a pack of cotton buds? Or more than P200 for a body wash? Hand washes (the ones that come in 200ml bottles mind you!) that cost more than P70 is already highway robbery for me. Yes, I'm very particular about prices when it comes to buying such things! I don't see the point of spending a lot for something when there are alternatives at a much cheaper price that can do the same thing or differs only minimally from the expensive option.

That's why I really appreciate Watsons Switch & Save campaign. It encourages shoppers to turn to incredibly affordable but good quality Watsons label products to be able to save for things that actually matter. If you need a new pair of gorgeous shoes or maybe a new high-end blush that everyone is raving about, it would pay (literally) if you cut back on your body care expenditure. Seriously, it WILL add up.

Here are some of the cool Watsons label items to switch to:

I always buy this stuff! It is by far the cheapest box of tissues I've come across, without the tissues feeling like they're made of spider webs. In other words, they're fairly thick.

This is always on Buy 1 Take 1, at 500ml each too!

If you love taking showers, spare the good stuff for special occasions.

Cool yeah? Even Snaps thinks so. He loves the wet wipes FYI - they have no alcohol content plus they smell so good.

So yes, switch to Watsons and save!