War on acne, nth episode

I'm feeling down and not in the mood to blog because I have horrible skin right now. It's a bad mix of pre-period hormones, stress, heat, and possibly comedogenic products I've tried recently. It's driving me nuts! 

My skin is a seething mass of stupid acne right now. Makeup is a lifesaver. Whoever said makeup is useless and dumb doesn't know what he or she is talking about.

Some things that I am doing to remedy the situation:

1. I am using a Clindamycin 2% and Tretinoin 0.05% mix to dry my pimples ASAP.

2. Sebamed Face & Body Wash to calm skin.

3. I am off all new hair products and face makeup until my acne dries up and peels off.

Ugh! If this escalates I will have to go to a derma to get an oral prescription, then maybe a bleaching solution to get rid of the scars quicker. Wish me the very best. Any skin issues recently? Let's commiserate!